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Kamdev Gayatri Mantra For Love Marriage

Kamdev Gayatri Mantra For Love Marriage

Kamdev Gayatri Mantra For Love Marriage, Kamdev is considered a god of love, a god of sensual pleasures, a god of companionship. He is one of the sons of Brahma, groom of Rati, the goddess of lust. They are equivalent to Cupid and Aphrodite of western customs and heritage.

Worshipping this deity of intimacy can shower us with his blessings. Youth who wish to have just the right life partner can benefit from these blessing and can lead a beautiful, successful, delightful married life. One can not only get a perfect partner for love marriage but also can sustain their marriage with everlasting youth, beauty, freshness, novelty and positive energy.

As mentioned by our ancient Pandits, Shukravar (i.e. Friday) is the day on which this deity is the most powerful. Prayer on this day can bestow us with great bliss. Specifically, to get a good future better-half, our Veda’s has mentioned a very potent formula. And that formula is a simple Vedic hymn.

We all know Gayatri Mantra and its virtue. Similarly, our Saints had developed specialised Gayatri Mantra to venerate Kamdev to get his special attention and favour. There is also a thing called ‘Mohini Vidya’ in our ancient books and this Mantra is a part of exactly that.

The Mantra is:

“Om Kaamadevaaya vidmahe

Pushpabaanaaya dhimahi

Tanno Ananga prachodayaat.”

According to the customs, this mantra should be chanted 18 times in a session with four sessions on Shukravar (Friday). Along with this, take a plain red saree cloth, put some sugar in it, sprinkle some water and tie it to a branch of a banyan tree. If this is performed with the ritual of chatting every Friday, it can yield your beautiful blessings.

There are many other ways in which this Kamdev Gayatri Mantra can be used. We have this custom of donating at least four red colour sarees, red colour blouse-piece, green colour bangles and sindoor (orange-red colour traditional vermilion) to married women. The beautiful things are, the better.

Make sure instead of plain sarees you are using designer red sarees. Also, make sure the bangles are glittering. Unmarried girls generally perform this custom. It is said that it helps to get satisfactory groom for the girl. And very few people know a very simple yet very effective additional ritual.

That is, merely chat Kamdev Gayatri Mantra 100 times on the same day of the donations. Your blessings increase by seven folds — chances for that girl to end up with a delightful love marriage increase seven times. The girl can get a groom as attractive as Kamdev.

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There are also many rituals mentioned in our Vedas for males to perform. These rituals are to get an attractive wife like Rati in a love marriage. The custom is like this: Every Shukravar (Friday) the boy has to go to Shankar-Parvati temple (Remember, the temple has to have Shankar as well as Parvati both).

Present lord Shankara with 2-litre milk. Decorate Mata Parvati with Garlands. Sit in the temple and chant Kamdev Gayatri Mantra for 202 times. Make sure while you exit the temple do not turn your back either on lord Shankara or Mata Parvati. Donate flowers with fragrance to other devotees.

Even if you couldn’t do anything, you can always chant the Kamdev Gayatri Mantra now and then. In train, bus, while commuting, you can recite the mantra. While standing in a queue, while waiting for a bus, train, in the reception hall, waiting for doctor/boss you can continuously keep on chanting it.

When you go to bed, you can make a habit of reciting it at least 32 times. God knows who his true devotee is. If you keep on doing what you can do, if you keep on giving your best, you would surely receive God’s blessings.

Remember, there is a reason why all rituals involving Kamdev Gayatri Mantra has even numbers. You can never find an odd number mentioned in these rituals because even numbers can always be divided into two groups.

Two represents a pair. So whenever you even usually chant, try to make it even number of times. If you intend to use Kamal Gatta mala, Beads mala, Rudraksha mala then make sure it has even number of elements/rudraksha woven.

This Kamdev Gayatri Mantra has proved to be a handy measure to solve the problem of delayed marriages. It raises your ability to understand and share the feeling of the opposite gender. Also, it increases the self-awareness of our attractiveness and impression. It creates hypnotic powers to attract the opposite gender.

It boosts your self-esteem. You start radiating a different type of invisible energy. No one but only opposite gender can FEEL it. It doesn’t just help you attract boy/girl but also helps in social environments. You will start noticing a positive change in the behaviours of your acquittances, your neighbours, your colleagues, your boss, your professional partners, your friends etc.

With the power of this mantra, you can spice up, deepen your existing relationship and develop it into a beautiful love marriage. If your lover is displeased by you due to any reasons and you want to win his/her trust, love back then this mantra works the best. It is also said that this mantra lets you get your long lost love once again.

The power and effect of this mantra are astounding. You want it or not; it will bring about its impact. So you should be very careful while using it. Its power gets directed at the wrong time, with the person, for wrong reason then you are just increasing your sins. This mantra only should be used by unmarried young boys and girls. It is one of the purest, clean and effective spiritual practices. Do not try to use it in the wrong way.

We also suggest that before opting for any Sadhana, if you genuinely want the best results, always consult a certified Astrologer. There are many things which might affect the results of your ritual performance. Accurate guidance at the right time can increase your results multifold.

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