9 Ways To Solve Relationship Problems without Breaking up

9 Ways To Solve Relationship Problems without Breaking up

How do you usually react to the problems in your relationship? Do you get angry? Do you feel frustrated and helpless? Do you easily give up? Or do you do something to fix whatever it is that is broken?

The truth is, only a few people actually know how to survive the greatest challenges in their relationships, while most end up saying goodbye to their love stories with a broken heart – and you should learn from this.

There’s no such thing as a smooth sailing relationship. Every couple encounters an obstacle as they face life together; some are petty, while others can be more difficult to deal with. True, these problems are part of a couple’s test of patience, and it’s up to them how to overcome them. Sadly, there are also issues where the couple could no longer resolve, thus leading to the end of their relationship.

Whenever you are faced with the most challenging obstacles, a break up is not always the answer – even if you think that it’s the only way to stop your heart from hurting.

If you are currently caught between saving your relationship and ending it, this article will help you take the right step.

9 Ways To Solve Relationship Problems without Breaking up

Here are some inspiring tips on how to solve relationship problems without breaking up.

1. Accept the fact that you don’t have a perfect relationship.

You’re not in a fantasy world, and your love story will never be as perfect as what you read in fairy tales – and it’s okay. A part of fixing your relationship’s problems is recognizing that what you have is not perfect – and it doesn’t have to be.

Accept the fact that you and your partner are just humans capable of making the wrong decisions. Don’t end the relationship just because you did something wrong or your partner took a wrong turn. Please talk about the real issues, acknowledge that you do make mistakes, and learn from them.

2. Talk about the problems that are affecting your relationship.

When the two of you face a misunderstanding over a particular issue, like when you cannot agree on a joint decision, the best recourse is to talk things through. Communication is the golden key to making a relationship last, especially when trying to solve a problem that affects both of you. Talk about it first and try to understand what went wrong. It’s best to discuss the issues together instead of fighting and playing the blame game.

Tell your partner your thoughts, and allow them to voice out their ideas as well. There’s no need to prove who has the better opinion because, at the end of the day, neither of you would be happy with a half-hearted decision.

Talking things through helps a lot, however, as you learn more about how you think as individuals and how you can come up with a compromise over that subject you have been arguing over.

Even if it’s just one person who made a mistake, you both have a role to play in fixing it. You apologize, you forgive, you give second chances, and you learn from your shortcomings.

3. Take some space from each other, but set an amount of time.

Taking some time away from each other can be a good way to cool the emotions down, especially when you have reached a heated argument. You cannot come up with a sound resolve if you are on a high emotional high, so it would be better to take some time off. You may want to spend time with family or friends, or just by yourself, so you can think things through.

If you think you both deserve a break from each other, it’s okay. Just make sure that you take them on together when you’re finally ready to face the problem.

Do set a time limit, though. You may want to dedicate a specific time to discuss your problem together; make sure that this period of being away from each other is enough for both your emotions to calm down.

4. Be patient, be more understanding, and have a little more faith.

When your relationship problems are further burdened by being in a long-distance relationship, you have to rely on three important qualities: patience, understanding, and faith.

Don’t break up just because you are too impatient. Give your relationship a chance to adjust to a long-distance relationship, and most importantly, have a little more faith in your partner. Why would you give up if your significant other is doing everything to make it work?

5. Take a walk together.

When you can’t come up with a resolve to your argument sitting down, then it may help that you go out for a walk. Unlike traveling or going on a vacation, taking a walk is a much simpler way to contemplate your issue and the kind of solution you want to address. Walking also helps you two relax, and in a way, realize that you’re on the same journey together.

6. Go through the argument while holding hands.

Holding hands while talking about relationship problems can be cheesy for some couples, but this approach is highly recommended, even by psychologists.

When you hold hands while discussing a problem, you can feel each other’s emotions without using words. You form a more intimate connection that allows both of you to exchange empathies, and the decision you come up with to solve the problem becomes sincere and wholehearted.

7. Say sorry – and mean it.

When you and your partner are in an argument, for sure, you will be hurting each other’s feelings, either by the words you say to each other or through your exchange of reactions. Regardless of who is at fault, however, be ready to say you’re sorry.

Saying sorry doesn’t necessarily pertain to that you are taking the situation’s fault, but more to the hurtful position you have placed your partner. It is also important that you know the reason behind your apology and that you only mean well.

8. Be mindful of your partner’s feelings.

When facing an argument, you should be well aware of how your partner feels and reacts. Their emotions serve as signals towards their next move, such as coming up with a decision. You should read these signals before they actually spell out what they want to say or explain. Otherwise, you will not understand each other.

9. When in doubt, pray.

When both of you cannot come up with a resolve together, despite going through a series of discussions over the same issue, then perhaps it’s time to pray.

There’s nothing prayer can solve, as while it doesn’t always provide you with answers, praying helps you rethink your relationship goals and how you want to achieve these. The quiet time also allows you to calm down until you find a balance between reason and emotion while facing the problem.

Last Words

All couples go through all sorts of relationship problems. It doesn’t excuse anyone. You may be dating for only a few months or have been married for several years already, but obstacles would still come your way. All these trials are just a test of patience, and being able to overcome them together may lead to a long and lasting relationship.

Even if you don’t have the perfect love story, it’s important that you hold on to your relationship, especially if you think that you’ve finally found the one. Problems will always be there to challenge your bond, so make sure that you are ready and strong to face them all. Don’t give up!

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