3 Powerful Spells To Break-Up A Couple (Breakup Mantra)

3 Powerful Spells To Break-Up A Couple (Breakup Mantra)

We know how it feels. You were someone’s love a few days ago, and then you found out that they have been cheating on you. After finding this out, you may have walked away from your partner, but we know that forgetting all those moments you’ve spent with them is no piece of cake.

What if we say that you can take one last chance and get this person back?

With the help of this simple, yet powerful break-up spell, you can now force a couple to break-up. You can then attract your ex back to you and make them realize they are better with you.

Breakup Mantra

1. The Break-Up Spell

When it is midnight, you have to wake up from your bed and go to a quiet room where you won’t be disturbed for a few minutes.
Light a candle.
Then, tie nine separate knots one inch apart.
You need a dark coloured yarn to tie these knots.
Make sure the yarn is at least 12 inches long.
Every single time you tie this knot, make sure you do it with all the vengeance and anger that you have in your heart.
Put all the energies that you have in each of the knots.
Visualize them fighting or arguing with each other and hating each other to the core.
Make sure the Universe feels your energy and understands your frustration and intention to see the couple breaking up.
After you are done tying the knots, you have to get into a chanting mood. Say this:
Once you have said these words with all the anger that you have in your heart, place the yarn in your drawer.
Whenever you open your drawer, you should see this yarn and visualize the ‘couple’ breaking up.
Make sure you see them fighting or arguing without any reason at all.
If there is a specific way in which you want them to break up, you can imagine that too.
The more you visualize, the easier it becomes for you to cast this spell on the couple.
For instance, if you want your ex’s new girlfriend to cheat on him, imagine her doing so and make her the puppet of your thoughts.

Once the spell has worked and you have been informed about the couple’s breakup, you can throw the yarn away and pat your back all by yourself!

2. White Magic Break-Up Spell

Things you need – 3 blue candles, 3 drops clove oil, one envelope, blue ink, 3 pieces of paper, jasmine oil, cauldron or fireproof bowl.

Cast your circle and apply Jasmine Oil to the candles.
Light the candles and write your loved one’s name and your name on one piece of paper. Focus intensely on your loved one.
Write the name of your competition or third-party on the second piece of paper.
Take the third piece of paper and write down at least 3 positive wishes for your rival, also with blue ink, e.g. that they find their love and happiness, just not with your loved one, that they will be happy with another man or woman, that they will fall in love with someone, etc.
It is necessary to send them positive wishes, the energies of this white magic spell will be most effective at pulling this person away from your loved one when they too will find happiness.
This way you also ensure that you do not attract any negative vibrations to you, as these will come back to you three times.
Now you use the clove oil and add one drop of the oil to each paper.
Fold the papers and put them in the envelope.
Keep this envelope under your pillow or under your mattress for 7 nights.
On the 8th night, burn the envelope in a cauldron or bowl and spread the ashes out in nature.

3. Black Magic Break-Up Spell

Things you need – Silver platter, black male figure candle, black female figure candle, black velvet fabric, an item belonging to male and item belonging to a female.

Arrange the black velvet fabric on the silver platter.
Place the items belonging to the couple in question in the centre of the platter on the black fabric.
Place the female figure black candle on the left and the male on the right.
Place them, so their backs are facing away from each other.
Light both candles and burn them for nine minutes all the while visualizing the real-life couple breaking up.
Build up enough magical energy while you focus on your wishes.
Blow the candles out and toss the hot stubs on the items.
Fold the items up in the black fabric and then go to crossroads far away from your home.
Dispose of the spell remints down a gutter grate that has running water.

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