Divorce Problem Solution By Astrology

Divorce Problem Solution By Astrology

Divorce Problem Solution By Astrology or mantra to stop divorce or separation is a type of astrological remedies to avoid divorce. We will provide you astrological combinations for divorce problem solution.

What Is Divorce Problem Solution By Astrology?

Many people seek questions regarding divorce and issues related to it. So, it is vital to know what does divorce means before jumping into the solutions by astrology of it.

Divorce is the legal action, and that puts the full stop the marriage life. Therefore, people who are going in the phase of divorce are the most painful and stressful persons. However, in this section, we will explain the divorce problem solution by astrology. We have dedicated Husband Wife Problem Solution Astrologer to solve your divorce problems.

Divorce Problem Solution By Astrology

Many people are the victim of divorce. Moreover, they are looking for every possible solution. However, somehow, they get the only failure. Therefore, we have shared a divorce problem solution by astrology to those types of people.

We have shared some immediate solutions to some of the significant issues. After practicing the powerful mantras, you will get your desired answer. Moreover, your life partner, who was thinking about taking divorce, will never think about it and, you both will enjoy a happy life forever.

With the guidance of astrology, you will get a golden chance to save your marriage life. So, if your husband or wife is attracted to the third person, then you can distract your wife or husband from that person with the help of astrology. Because life has become complicated these days, and partners do not care about each other.

Marriage is a particular type of bond that people seem to share for their whole life. Moreover, we are observing that getting a divorce on a small fight has become routine. Therefore, Kundli is also one of the essential aspects to consider.

Which Astrological Remedies Used To Avoid Divorce?

Astrological Remedies To Avoid Divorce, Here we have some astrological remedies to avoid divorce. So, by practicing these remedies, you will get rid of divorce problems.

* Suppose there are contradictions between the wife and husband and want to resolve the issue to avoid the big step, such as divorce. So, in that case, they should visit the temple once a week and pour some desi ghee in the burning lamp. And, if both the partners do this with pure dedication and intentions, it will surely benefit their relationship. It will bring back harmony in life.
* Drawing one and a quarter kg of soft coal in a river every Saturday will eliminate the couple’s differences if there is a calamity in Saturn of a partner’s birth chart.
* The couple should avoid making a bedroom in the West’s west direction. So, living in a western side room can cause separation from a partner to prevent divorce.
* Wearing eight, faced Rudraksha, will give you an advantage if Rahu is the reason for relationship dispute and divorce.
* You have to worship Lord Ganesh and wear a nine-face Rudraksha. Therefore, if you have malefic Ketu in your horoscope, you will get good results.
* If Saturn is the reason for the issue in your horoscope, so then you need to utilize the Beej Mantra of Saturn and wear seven faces of Rudraksha to calm the Saturn planet. Then It will benefit you.

It is not compulsory that only these planets can create differences in your marriage; also, various other planets cause divorce. We have another solution to solve Divorce related problems that is called Breakup Problem Solution By Vashikaran, you can try it to get instant result.

Which Mantra Used To Stop Divorce Or Separation?

Mantra To Stop Divorce Or Separation, Here are some of the most powerful mantra to stop divorce or separation.

Mantra -1


You need to read this mantra for 21,000 times within 41 days. This mantra will give you an instant benefit. It will start giving positive returns within a week after practicing this mantra.

Mantra -2


You can use this mantra to cast your spouse in your control. You will be able to control his/her mind by reciting this mantra. Then, once you complete this, your partner will obey all the decisions. So, all you require to perform is read this mantra 11 times before going to sleep.

Mantra -3


The pronunciation of this mantra is complicated. So, you have to understand it first before you start practicing. Then, read this powerful mantra for 11 days. So, it will eliminate all kinds of relationship problems and save your marriage from breaking up.

How To Use Astrological Combinations For Divorce?

Astrological Combinations For Divorce, Here are the Astrological Combinations for Divorce:

* The combinations, which lead to plural marriage, are responsible for separation and divorce.
* 7th ruler conjoins 12th lord in 12th or 7th; 7. 12 and 7th rulers connected among 5th, including Rahu.
* The mutual shift of lords of 7 and 12th with Rahu.
* Venus toward Krittika, Aridra, Moola, or Jyestha-nakshatra.
* Rahu Saturn into Lagna or 7th while 4th is poorly afflicted.
* Malefics in 6, 8, or 12th of Venus and 4th house troubled.
* 6th lord (action and hatred) below separative results in 2, 4, 7, or 12th.
* Rulers of Lagna. Plus 7th in 6/8 or 2/12 condition.
* Rahu/Kethu in the 12/6 axis is an additional factor.
* 7th and 12th lords in 10th under the influence of nodes.
* Venus in LagnaLagna in signs of Mars or Saturn and 7th house afflicted by Sun, Saturn or Rahu.
* Moon-Venus or Sun-Venus in 7th under the leadership of Sun, Saturn or Rahu.
* Rahu into Lagna with Saturn or Venus;
* Sun Rahu Saturn and 12th lord near the 4th.
* The opposing opinions of Lagna lord and the Moon from those of the 7th. Its lord and Venus are the principal determinants for divorce or separation.
* Lord from 4th in 6th or lord of 6 in 4th (termination by the court).
* 12th lord conjoins 4th lord also 4th lord into 6th, 8th, or 12th.
* Power of separative planets Saturn, Sun and Rahu on 7th. Its lord and Venus, e.g., Virgo Lagna 12th lord Sun in 7 and 6th lord Saturn is in 4th, or when the influence of separative (Sun, Saturn, Rahu) planets falls on 7th and 8th houses.


It is indispensable to take care of marriage life. So, if there is any dispute, then it is better to know the reason and find the solution to it. Also, it would help if you resolved it before it takes a massive turn, such as divorce.

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