Powerful Solution For Delayed Marriage For Girl

Powerful Solution For Delayed Marriage For Girl

Here are some powerful solution for delayed marriage for girl and late marriage age for female astrology. Know the solutions for marriage after 35 and 40 in astrology.

Powerful Solution For Delayed Marriage For Girl

Reasons for Late Marriage

As per Astrology there could be several reasons for late marriage. Some of the most widely accepted reasons for delay in marriage are:

* Weak Venus (Shukra) or Saturn (Shani) in Janam Kundali can delay in marriage.
* As per Astrological belief whenever the owner of the 7th (Seventh) House is weak, the individual’s marriage gets delayed.
* Malefic planets such as Saturn (Shani), Mars (Mangal) or Rahu can influence the seventh house and marriage can happen late.
* If 7th (Seventh) House is completely unoccupied by any planet, marriage can get delay.
* Presence of various grah-doshas in the Janam Kundali can delay marriage.
* Seventh (7th) lord house under the influence of Rahu and Ketu can result in late marriage.
* Weak, retrograded or debilitated Jupiter (Brihaspati) will delay marriage. Weak Jupiter also create inharmoniousness married life.

Remedies for Late Marriage

Worship Lord Vishnu and Devi Lakshmi. Offering flowers and food and flag to Lord Vishnu and Devi Lakshmi ensures a happy marital life.

Worship Maa Parvati and Lord Shiva. Worshipping these two can help you in a surprising manner. Worship them continuosly for happy married life. Even after marriage, one must worship them.

Turmeric or Kesar powder to removes obstacles in love Marriage – To remove the obstacle in your marriage mix one tip of turmeric powder or Kesar powder in your water before taking your bath in order to get early marriage.

Feed a Cow to remove obstacles in love Marriage – Feed two flour cakes (“Aate ke Pade”) mixed with one tip of turmeric powder, a small amount of jaggery and wet gram pulse to a cow on Thursday.

Always respect elders to remove obstacles in love Marriage – This lowers the Grah Dosh and makes the planetary positions stronger for marriage.

Watering Banana Tree to remove obstacles in love Marriage – Offer water to a banana tree and lit a lamp of pure ghee under the banana tree on Thursday. Also, recite 108 names of Guru in order to remove all the obstacles in your marriage.love marriage

Dried Coconut to removes obstacles in love Marriage – Take a dried Coconut on Tuesday Morning. Collect 300 grams sweet sugar. Grind the sugar. Also, collect dried fruits 50 grams of any kind. Do a hole in the Coconut. Fill all the sugar powder and dried fruits in the coconut. Dig a pit below a Peepal tree and put the coconut into the pit. Cover the pit with soil. Repeat the process until 7 Tuesday. Don’t repeat the remedy during menstruation period. Keep fast from Monday night to Tuesday morning. During the fasting follow silence too. After doing the remedy on Tuesday complete the fast. Consume food and also break the silence too.

Manglik Yoga – Sometimes girls and boys feel obstacles in their marriage due to Manglik yoga. To remove such obstacles, read Mangal Chandika Srotra on Tuesday and and read Sundar Kand on Saturday to remove all the obstacles in your marriage.

Dried Dates to remove obstacles in love Marriage – Take 8 dried dates on Friday evening. Boil them in water. Keep the water near to your bed in the night. Next day on Saturday after bath take the water and offer the water in any flowing water like a river, etc. This remedy is only for girls to remove obstacles in Marriage.

Whenever a girl visits any marriage function the girl needs to ask the girl who is going to become a bride to put some henna in the hands of the girl who wants to do marriage. This remedy removes obstacle if any in the marriage.

Banyan (Vata) Tree – Take 108 clockwise rounds of a banyan tree on Full moon day to remove the troubles if any in the marriage.
Cloths of a recently married girl – Wear clothes of a recently married girl to remove the obstacles in the marriage.

Remedies given here are simple and powerful. For a sure remedy, you must consult an experienced astrologer as these remedies may vary from person to person, based on their Janam Kundli.

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