Top 10 Most Powerful Mantra To Get Promotion

Top 10 Most Powerful Mantra To Get Promotion

Powerful Mantra To Get Promotion or beej mantra to get promotion in job can be use to get success in carrier. We also provide you pooja for getting promotion in job and durga mantra for increment in salary to improve your wealth.

Life is not easy. We face different risks, difficulties, and uncertainties. Getting a perfect job according to your passion, is just like a dream.

Everybody wants to reach to the next level, but when situations overpower the person, and there is lack of self-confidence, all you need is to take some support from different divine power and when a mixture of human efforts and blessing of gods combines it result to success.

Powerful Mantra To Get Promotion

Goddess Aswarooda is the most potent and hidden Maha mantra for promotion. One should recite with full faith and devotion to achieve different success in your professional life.

Benefits of Reciting Powerful Mantra For Promotion:-

Great success in career.
Achievements and promotions.
One can get salary increments in the job.
Reputations earned in a job.
The person correctly does duties.
Internal peace and harmony in the workplace.
Successful career growth.
Good feedback in job
Higher relations with your colleagues and seniors.

Important Points To Remember For The Most Powerful Mantra To Get A Promotion:-

Daily basis (if not possible can be on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays.
Anyone of different gender and age.
The position should be in the east quadrant of pooja room
108 times in 48 days in mindset.
Can be red, yellow and orange.

Beej Mantra To Get Promotion In Job

Beej Mantra To Get Promotion In Job, These are the different mantra that helps in promotion in the job. This mantra should be chant 108 times a day.

1. Oum Beej Mantra

Oum is the Beej Mantra, which is also called Omkara, and it means it is Pranav. It symbolizes Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh. It also refers to three lokas, earth, inferno, and paradise.

2. Here beej Mantra

This mantra represents Bhubaneswar and Mahamaya. This mantra helps the person to fulfill his or her dreams.

3. ShreemBheej Mantra

This mantra represents to Mahalakshmi. This mantra refers to wealth, success, material gains in profession, career, and business. This mantra eliminates worries and ailment and provides protection, happily married life.

4. Ayeimbeej Mantra

This mantra represents Devi Lakshmi, who is the goddess of knowledge in all fields and success of life.

5. Kreembeej Mantra

This mantra represents to goddess Kali who provides strength, protection, success, health, etc. it also protects from evil power.

6. Doom beej mantra

This mantra represents to Maa Durga who provides us victory, wisdom, health, power, knowledge, protection, elimination of enemies, etc.

7. Hroumbeej mantra

This mantra represents Lord Shiva, who provides us protection from death, fatal disease, Moksha, give immortality, etc.

8. Kleengbeej Mantra

This mantra represents cupid Lord Krishna, who provides fortune and beauty.

9. Gong beej Mantra

This mantra represents Lord Ganpati who devote freedom, knowledge, protection, wisdom, health, wealth, remove hurdles.

10. Kshraumbeej Mantra

This mantra represents Lord Narasimha, who provides us power, remove sorrow and fear. He also brings victory to us.

Pooja For Getting Promotion In Job

Pooja For Getting Promotion In Job, Job is significant in once life for stability. It makes one independent in their life.

Surya Pooja for Job

Prosperity, success, fame will come when people worship Lord Surya every day. This pooja also helps a person to get a new job, promotion, or change in career. Sunday counted as Lord Surya’s day.

Mantra for pooja

“Om HraamHreemHraum says Surya Namaha.” One should chant this mantra for 108 times early after a bath. Then offer water to Sun and worship him. You should do it for 41 days regularly without any gap. If you have a difference, then it should restart from the first day.

Recite the Pooja

  • One should start doing the pooja from Sunday only.
  • One must wear white cloths.
  • The mantra must be chant after bath only.
  • You should face east while doing pooja.
  • You cant eat non-vegetarian, drinking, smoking, onion, garlic, etc.
  • Ganapati pooja
  • Good luck and problem will be solved when people worship Lord Ganesha. If one does Ganapati pooja, then it will also help to get the job. Ganpati Pooja helps to enhance the career.


“Om GeemGoom Ganapati Namah: Swaha.” Lord Ganesha pooja is done first before others. Wednesday represent him. Green is his color. Lighting pure ghee and offering flowers to him before starting pooja.

Recite the pooja

  • Ganesh Chaturthi is the Hindus festival that celebrated every year for eleven days, and it is the best time to worship him.
  • You must face north direction while doing this pooja.
  • Wear green cloths.
  • Chant Lord Ganpati mantra for 108 times a day.

Durga Mantra For Increment In Salary

Durga Mantra For Increment In Salary, Goddess Durga referred to as power, fight, strong willpower. Goddess help to solve the hurdles and issues in personal life. Navrati is the best time to worship Goddess Durga. A person should keep fast for the first 7-8 days and eat once a day. On the 8th day after kanjakpoojan only then one can eat wheat flour.

On KanjakPoojan 9 small girls that represent different nine avatars of Goddess Durga and one Boy that represent Lord Shiva. All the family member worship them. Provide them food, Fruits, gifts, money, etc. these are the days of the young girls also. Only After this poojan, one can eat his/her healthy food and complete their fasting.


Om jataa jut samaayuktamardhendukritLakshman |
Lochanyatrasanyuktampadmendusadyashan naam ||

Recite the Mantra?

Do Navratri pooja. It is for nine days. It came two times a year.
Chant mantra for 108 times a day.
Donate clothes to needy.
Ashtami did on the 8th day.
Nine kanjak pooja is done.
One should keep fast for nine days and must eat once a day.
One should eat salt only once.
One must not eat wheat flour in this fasting.
One should bath early in the morning.
One can also read Durga Sapshatri. But must complete it before Ashtami.

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