Top 10 Best Vastu Consultant in India List of 2022

Top 10 Best Vastu Consultant in India List of 2022

Best Vastu Consultant in India : Vastu Shastra is principally a science and information of structure. Which was launched by Indian saints in ancient India? This Shastra got here into our information from the Atharva Veda. Vastu Shastra Extremely Affects Hindus and Buddhists. They like to assemble their buildings on the premise of Vastu legal guidelines to guide a peaceable and profitable life.

To reside a wholesome life, with higher power steadiness, we should always observe Vastu Shastra’s ideas in everyday life. Sustaining the architectural design on the ideas of Vastu corresponding to layouts of homes, cities, cities, gardens, roads, waterworks, sewage, retailers, places of work, factories, and many others according to Vastu Shastra. We could get the specified benefits, success, and peace in our life.

Best Vastu Consultant in India

For the Vastu settlement in your home, office, factory, plot, and other. You need a Vastu consultant. So you should get a consultation from these Best Vastu Consultants in India. Here is the list of Top 10 Vastu Consultants in India.

List of Top 10 Best Vastu Consultant in India (Updated)

1. Astrologer Yogendra

Yogendra Ji is the world’s famous Vastu consultant because of his extensive knowledge of Vastu Shastra. They have more than 10+ Years of experience in Vastu Shastra, Astrology, Numerology, and Palmistry. So he is the best choice for the Vastu Architecture of your house, office, factory according to Vastu and Astrology (Planets Position.)

World’s Leading Corporates, Businessmen, CEOs Take Vastu Consultation From Them

2. Dr. Anand Bhardwaj

Dr. Anand Bhardwaj (MA, MBA,Ph.D(Soc),Ph.D(Vaastu),D.Sc.eq.D.Lit) is TOP-MOST & senior-most Vastu Consultant, the world’s highest qualified Vastu & Feng Shui expert with 42 years’ experience. he is recognised as the best Vastu consultant dealing in scientific Vaastu Shastra consultancy services. He is an author, a researcher, a logical thinker & practical Vaastu Shastra expert in finding & curing Geopathic Stress. He is TV celebrity & often found on many TV channels worldwide. Expert in Geopathic Stress & Vastu corrections without demolition. Dr. Bhardwaj does not need any introduction.

He has authored 16 books so far. ‘Vrihad Vastu shastra-Ek Mahagranth’ is the unique book that is recognised as the ‘Best-seller’.

3. Dr. Khushdeep Bansal

Dr. Khushdeep Bansal is globally renowned for propagating the “MahaVastu- Hindu Living Philosophy” based on his extensive research on Vaastu Shastra and Yoga Philosophy. He is the author of the Earth’s biggest book on Vaastu Shastra, along with eight other famous titles on Vaastu and Yoga philosophy. Often seen on television shows and news channels as Vaastu expert, Bansal is also the founder of Maha Vastu an Indian and internationally running an institute that provides Vastu consultation by experts.

4. Naresh Singhal

Naresh Singal is an internationally acclaimed Vaastu, Feng Shui and pyramidology consultant who has dedicated more than 18 years of service to Vaastu Shastra. Having made a mark in the field of Vaastu in 14 countries and in India, he was duly honored with the prestigious and coveted Vaastu Shree and Vaastu Visharad awards.

5. Dr. Kunal Kaushik

Kunal Kaushik, internationally famous Vastu consultant known for his professionally Qualified background, large experience, huge clientele not only in India but also in numerous countries worldwide has become the most prominent name during the last decade. He is the recipient of more than two dozen awards, rewards, and acknowledgement from various ministers and bureaucrats. Vastu corrections without demolition is his expertise. When it comes to the name of Residential Vastu, Commercial Vastu, Industrial Vastu & Corporate Vastu, he is the name to be regarded at first instance. Dr. Kunal Kaushik is the most preferred name when it comes to being perfect Scientific, Logical, Scientific, Authentic & effective Vastu advice.

6. Dr. Rashmi Jain

Dr. Rashmi Jain is one of the most professional and highly qualified prominent Vaastu consultants based in Delhi, Noida. She is among the very few consultants in the country who are professionally qualified with a Ph.D., PGDVSM (Vaastu Shastra), Vaastu Vachaspati (VV), Advance Vaastu. Dr. Rashmi Jain is well recognised & awarded including “Best Vaastu Experts of the Year 2018-19 in India. Dr Rashmi is also honoured to be as Board Member of Studies on Vaastu with one of the world’s largest Vaastu & Vedic Wellness University in USA. She is an expert in understanding the present situation of your surroundings in different aspects, on analysing your existing layout plan of your residence or workplace. She is not only a vaastu professional but also a researcher in this field of Vaastu planning and interior designing. Dr. Rashmi specializes in activating and balancing energy in industries, houses and commercial complexes while avoiding all possible structural changes.

7. Vaastu Acharya Chhaya Goyal Ji

Vaastu Acharya Chhaya Goyal Ji is the founder and principal consultant of Vaastu Devayah Namah. She is an internationally acclaimed Vaastu expert with more than 20 years of extensive Vaastu consultancy experience. Internationally acclaimed for her expertise in energy centres and its channelized flow within a building structure, she travels across the globe and helps make life better and prosperous.

Blessed with a passion to help, Acharya Chhaya believes in sharing her knowledge for the benefit of others. A prominent face in the Vaastu field, She seeks inspiration from nature and travel, is an enthusiastic teacher, counselor and guide. Vastu Acharya Chhaya Ji uses her expertise to those seeking professional Vaastu help. Her deep understanding lies in the application of Vaastu to the process of creating serenity leading to peace, prosperity and success in individual lives. Over the years, Acharya Chhaya has mastered the art of Vaastu, Astrology and Numerology and combined use of these ancient sciences result in excellent results.

8. Eshaan Garg

Eshaan Garg is a world-renowned Vaastu Expert. He is one of the best vastu expert and the most precious gems of our Vaastu team, with extensive Vaastu consultancy experience. Internationally acclaimed for his expertise in providing Vaastu consutlancy services, Eshaan travels across the globe and helps people in creating successful businesses & happy homes through his expertise on Vastu Shastra.

Eshaan Garg is a certified Vaastu Expert and Numerology Consultant, with specialization in Vaastu Structure Balancing for Industries & commercial structures. He is a mechanical engineer by qualification, worked for a big MNC in Gurgaon, is now committed towards his passion for serving Vaastu Shastra. Despite his young age, he has proven his expertise in the subject by garnering accolades worldwide.

9. Mahendra Shrestha

Mahendra Shrestha, a certified vastu consultant is a core part of Team- Vaastu Devayah Namah. He is one of the best vastu experts in Nepal. A gem in himself, gifted with an in-born intuitive talent has been providing Vastu Consultants services for almost 6 years now. He is ever-ready to act as a mediator between the public and the team of experts. He is handling all Vastu implementations and site-work with accute precision, for vastu services in Nepal.

10. Nirmala Sewani

Nirmala Sewani, one of the top astrologers in Gurgaon, is now available online to resolve your queries related to key decision-making, career prospects, marital issues, educational prognosis, health prospects and so on. The services are offered at competitive charges.

This is the real goddess power, using various rare tasks to our civilization and culture of absolute wonder whose faces we your day found scattered around, this is the outcome of every person in my life there no ambition or not Target must have, for whom he had three types of strives-Body (physical), Oral, mental, and three types of resources help avalamambana. Carnal, physical, daivika; and its related sciences and manan mind from daivika due.

How Vastu Shastra Works?

Vastu balances energies of nature in people via the designs of property. The idea behind Vastu Shastra is to regulate the energies of nature with our life. In order that we could be benefited from all of the positivity life. The principle part of Vastu Shastra is 5 tattvas or parts. Human our bodies are additionally made up of those 5 parts. That is why to guide a wholesome life correct adjustment is required between the energies or people and nature. These ideas are utilized in Indian structure since historic instances. Additionally they have a presence in trendy structure. Scientists additionally authorized that Vastu is efficient and therefore in right now’s the world not solely Indians however foreigners even have begun to assemble their buildings as per the ideas of Vastu.

What are the Advantages of Vastu?

A balanced and non secular surrounding is useful for people to have a constructive mindset, to guide a well-mannered life, and to attain desired objectives in life. A well-mannered way of life helps us to satisfy our wishes. Vastu Shastra offers correct architectural shapes and designs. Which organizes the stream of 5 parts of nature with our everyday life.

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